The genus Empria can be in most cases easily recognized from other common sawflies (Tenthredinidae) by having white paired patches on abdominal terga. In some species those patches are hardly visible and/or there is only one pair of them. Body length mostly 5-7 (9) mm.

Wing venation in most species (from Smith, 1979): in forewing, veins M and 1m-cu parallel, vein 2A+3A complete, separated from 1A by oblique anal crossvein, veins M and Rs+M meeting Sc + R at same point; first free sector of vein Rs present or absent, therefore either four or three cubital cells, respectively; hindwing with cell Rs absent, cell M present or absent, anal cell petiolate.

Some Chinese species have incomplete vein 2A+3A, therefore making the basal anal cell open.

Empria tridens ZML ZML 371-06

Empria loktini NSMT064 (NSMT)

Empria multicolor N02-01a (TUZ)

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